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Horse Sense Business Sense helps professionals in the many fields of Equine Assisted Practices offer top-level programs in their communities through workshops/trainings, symposiums & conferences, consulting & immersion programs, curriculums, a working student program, and much more.

Over a decade ago, Horse Sense began the journey into becoming a top-notch EAP/EAL facility. We are eager to help other Therapeutic Horsemanship, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Learning programs make it, and make a difference, in their community.

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What's New at Business Sense?


Mindfulness and Mindful Learning

Mindfulness is the hot topic these days, and this wonderfully worth-while concept is on the lips of many people, from all different walks of life. Mindfulness, of course, has an impact on EAP, if for no other reason than Mindfulness is about attention. Siegel (2007) explains “Mindfulness in its most general conception offers a way of being aware that can serve as a gateway toward a more vital mode of being in the world…” (p. 4).

Mindfulness, at its core, is about attention, and there’s nothing to grab and hold a person’s attention like three horses frolicking ten feet away, or feeling a horse’s skin quiver to shake off a fly, or rubbing the soft, silky spot right at the tip of the horse’s nose. “Mindfulness in its most general sense is about waking up from a life on automatic,” Siegel (2007) states, “and being sensitive to novelty in our everyday experiences” (p. 5). Novelty, getting away from functioning on “automatic”, and coming back again and again to the present moment, are all part of the EAP experience.

Mindful learning is also at play in the equine-assisted psychotherapy and learning practice:

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Eustress, Distress, and Performance

A long time ago, when I was parsing out which “model” approach was the best fit for me (EAGALA? PATH? Epona? EGEA?), StarrLee Heady made the statement that which model I chose to follow depended on what I thought produced change. And, I’m a big believer in change coming about because of being uncomfortable and/or in enough pain to want to do something different. The EAGALA philosophy was an excellent articulation of my thoughts. To paraphrase, people don’t change unless they are challenged and they are outside their comfort zone. The most significant change comes when people find their own answers to questions. I thought then, and still feel now, that this is true and best represents how we practice at Horse Sense when we offer EAP.

What I didn’t know and didn’t learn until years later was that there was a term for the “pain” I was talking about: eustress. “Pain” is a layman’s term for discomfort/distress/arousal, which I believe are on the same continuum (more about this in a moment). Succinctly put, eustress means “good stress.” This stress has less to do with what causes the stress than...

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Back to School!

We tend to think about school being "just for kids."  Over the years, professionals have realized that education beyond the formal education system is KEY to continued growth and success in their careers!

After all, things change. New techniques are developed. New insights are discovered. Continuing education means you can combine your valuable experience with modern thinking. It is the best of both worlds!  

Along with the realization that everyone has different learning styles (visual, aural, verbal, physical) is the reality that education can be delivered effectively through different modes - online, in person, etc.   That's why you will see offerings at Horse Sense for those who are able to come out to the farm.  We would LOVE to have you here, but understand that time and travel is not easy to fit into calendars and budgets.  With that in mind, Horse Sense offers a wide range of options for furthering your knowledge in the field:

  •  Online experiences - we try to highlight these each month in this newsletter. But you can always find information on our websites ( and

  • Virtual Business Building Intensive (VBBI)videos (Nuts & Bolts, Business Sense, Programming, and All About Horses). These videos have some of the best in the business sharing their thoughts on important topics! See the VBBI page of the website for more information.

  • Have you checked out the Horse Sense Store lately? There is curricula and program manuals, Skill Cards, Books/e-books, and audio/visual materials. We are constantly adding new materials - take a look and see what's new!  

  • Horse Sense Vets-for-Vets (LAUNCHING IN 2017!): this year-long certification will be taught by veterans and leaders in the field of Therapeutic Horsemanship.

There are several ways to keep up with the progress being made in the field!  Get your "bus pass" with one of the methods above - school is starting!